Meet Faith
We learned of Faith's allergies in 2002, and since have been asking the question, "Is it Faith Friendly? This term has come to mean volumes to our family and our friends. When we ask the "Faith Friendly" question it represents milk & egg free products. I can't even begin to describe how little we found that lived up to the term "Faith Friendly".

Take a look in your pantry for a moment, and you will see how MANY products contain milk and eggs. Food allergies of all kinds can be fatal, and we've found over the past several years, that many sites that cater to informing the public. We have designed to help educate and connect people with allergies to sites that may be of service. Our mission is to support others with allergies and help spread kindness within our community and throughout the world! Thank you to all our supporters! was designed to be a concise source of information for you. We are here to help by connecting you to other resources that may be helpful.
I have my MedicAlert bracelet. Do you have yours?
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