Traveling with Food Allergies is a challenge.Enjoying amusement parks can be impossible.
DISNEYLAND has changed all that!

DISNEYLAND has a food program for special dietary needs. They are educated in food allergy awareness, and they UNDERSTAND cross contamination. If you want to visit Disneyland, call to discuss your dietary needs. Call Disney Dining at 714-781-DINE (714-781-3463) or call any Disneyland Restaurant direct, or simply go in and ask to speak with the Chef on Duty when you dine!

Click here to visit DIsneyland's page for food allergies and special dietary needs

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More Daily Tips from Faith:

  • Always wash your hands after eating
  • Keep hand sanitizer with you at all times
  • When preparing food use "safe" items (such as: designated cutting boards, utensils, and cookware)
  • Have designated jars of food specifically for your allergic child (so that no one cross contaminates the jar with a butter knife or similar item
  • Do not buy lunch meats from a deli as cheese may have been cut on the deli equipment
  • We always suggest you bring your own food when eating in public
  • Take your own plate and utensils when eating out (put your Epipen® in plain view of your server so they understand the severity of the situation)
  • Use disposable placemats in any public facility
  • Read your food labels every time you buy your items as ingredients and manufacturers change constantly
  • Be sure to make everyone involved with your child aware of the severity of the situation
  • When BBQing, do not cook food on shared grills.  Allergy free food should have its own grill!