Thank you for taking the time to stop by our site. We appreciate all the people who helped make this "Faith Friendly World" happen. This all started with a little girl named Faith, who has severe food & skin allergies. Faith has had 37 near-fatal reactions-and she is only 11 years old. Each of those 37 times, the EpiPen® saved her life.

She also wears a MedicAlert® bracelet, which identifies her allergies to emergency personnel immediately.

The Food Allergy and Anaphylactic Network (FAAN) has provided our family with research information, education, and support.

Faith wears Allergators clothing when she goes out to eat or to other public functions. The clothes are so cute - and they serve to remind others of her allergies.

We use only Arbonne products for Faith, as they are all milk and egg free (certified vegan).

Each of these companies have websites that have been a source of information, education, support, and comfort. Thank you for visiting our site to connect to our favorite links for managing your food and skin allergies.


Medic Alert
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Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network


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Hidden Milk
Hidden Milk Page - Avoiding Milk Protein


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